Handset, softphone, on an app, or through the computer — keep your business calls on your business phone. Teo Technologies has all the UC solutions your business needs.

Teo enables organizations from small businesses to enterprises to communicate with greater ease and better operational efficiency. Seamlessly connect your organization and everyone benefits from UC, including your mobile workforce, those in distributed offices, employees who telecommute, and even those in call centers.


There are several bells and whistles that you are missing out on by just limiting yourself to your mobile phone, things like presence settings, call routing, business line voicemail, IM-ing … all under the umbrella of your “work” number. And that work number can still be utilized on your mobile device.


Having a business line allows you to appear more professional. Handing out business cards with your cellphone on it will probably lead to multiple unwanted calls to your personal device. Is it spam? Or is it a real, live customer? If they’re calling on your cell phone, it’s anyone’s guess. If they’re coming in on your mobile device via your UC number at work? Pretty good chance that it’s going to be business related.

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You probably want your company to grow. A UC system allows you to add users with provisioning that helps to protect your intellectual data and customer base in the event an employee leaves. Which does happen, like it or not.


There are still folks that believe the handset is going out of style – ergo so are business lines. But what if we told you that you could install a phone on your laptop? Fear that a bulky phone will impede on your creative space? No problem. As long as the computer you are working from was not built more than a decade ago – we are confident you will enjoy the experience of a Softphone Client. Same goes for an Android or iPhone mobile connector that can bring your business experience to that permanently tethered smart phone on your hip.

The Teo IP Phone 9160 features a large 7-inch color touch screen, speakerphone, Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and Direct Station Selection (DSS) for up to 100 stations, adjustable camera, built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch, and many advanced call handling features.


For those of you who still enjoy a nice piece of hardware sitting on your desk, and the feeling of engagement you get when you pick up that plastic handset and put it to your ear, well folks, no worries … you’re still in luck. We make those too. In fact, we even make some right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A., so no Chinese trade tariffs increasing the cost of your phone to worry about there.

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