Premises UC

Own your own equipment, choose your own telco provider, and manage your system infrastructure onsite.

Your Turf, Your Terms

Teo premises deployments are ideal for customers that are in long term telco contracts, or who want to take advantage of their networking and infrastructure investments.

Teo premises systems can connect to PRI, analog, or SIP trunks.  Multiple servers can be clustered together for advanced resiliency.  You have control over your system, your configuration, and your data.

The Advantages

Choose your own Telco Provider

Capital vs. Operation
Expense Model

Attractive Leasing

Enhanced Applications

Teo UC solutions have the same enhanced applications and capabilities, regardless of deployment type. Choose what is right for you now, knowing that if your business needs change, you have the option of changing deployment type.


"All-in-One" user licensing
HD voice and video
Instant messaging
Presence-based call routing
Mobile softphone
PC/Mac softphone
Integrated voicemail
Audio conferencing
Fax services
Unified Messaging
User Portal
Call recording
Extension call swipe
E911 emergency notification
Hunt groups
ACD queues
ACD supervisor
Barge, monitor, whisper
Least cost routing
Extension call screening
Remote device configuration
Template-based user mass provisioning
Template-based device mass provisioning
Multicast paging integration
Station-to-station intercom
Hot desking
Softphone API
SIP standard compliant

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