Unified Communications

Teo enables organizations from small businesses to enterprises to communicate with greater ease and better operational efficiency.

Seamlessly Connect Your Organization

Mobile Workers
Distributed Offices
Remote Workers
Call Centers

Who Can Benefit From Teo UC

Mobile Workers

An employee who works in more than one place or travels as a part of their job. They require a responsive support staff and optimal communication tools, often on multiple devices.

Distributed Offices

Multiple office locations under one company. Distributed offices require strong networking infrastructure with streamlined, redundant, and resilient communications pathways.

Remote Workers or Telecommuting

An employee who works outside of the traditional office, but is generally collocated with their team and is available to come into the office as needed. They need strong communications tools that keep them in touch and allow collaboration with team members, such as presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and more.

Call Centers

Call Centers handle high inbound and/or outbound call traffic. They can be located either within a company or operated with agents in remote locations. Call Centers require advanced supervisor capabilities such as queuing, monitoring, reporting, and more.

Enhanced Applications

"All-in-One" user licensing
HD voice and video
Instant messaging
Presence-based call routing
Mobile softphone
PC/Mac softphone
Integrated voicemail
Audio conferencing
Fax services
Unified messaging
User portal
Call recording
Extension call swipe
E911 emergency notification
Hunt groups
ACD queues
ACD supervisor
Barge, monitor, whisper
Least cost routing
Extension call screening
Remote device configuration
Template-based user mass provisioning
Template-based device mass provisioning
Multicast paging integration
Station-to-station intercom
Hot desking
Softphone API
SIP standard compliant

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