“As we stated in our joint partnership press release in January of 2017, we are pleased to have Teo in our solution portfolio.  We felt at that time, as we do now, that Teo allows us to provide valuable new communications technology to a market that demands the best in reliable, quality solutions.  Teo has met (and exceeded) the mark, in that regard.  Their solutions are easy to deploy, with exceptional training and technical support.  The sales and marketing assistance we’ve received since we’ve been a Teo partner has been unmatched.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Teo Technologies.”

Michael Doherty /  Operations Manager at ATC Voice Data

Teo Partners Are


Each Teo qualified partner is support driven with in-depth VoIP experience, networking design backgrounds, and dedicated project management teams.


Each Teo certified partner must complete and pass all required Teo deployment certifications to maintain authorization.


Each Teo supported partner receives real time resources and access to an extensive knowledge base. All of our solutions experts are located in the US.

Meet The People Behind Teo

With The Benefits Of

A Better Cloud Solution
We’ve perfected cloud and cloud plus solutions that are resilient, reliable, and that work with a variety of business models. No competitive offerings offer the same capabilities and flexibility as Teo’s solutions.
A More Scalable System
Your customers’ needs will change. Teo delivers a singular platform that effortlessly supports from 1-2000 users with a full UC suite of high demand capabilities. Easily add or remove users with no disruption.
A More Affordable System
A better design results in streamlined operations, which helps us keep costs below customer expectations for such an advanced solution. This allows for the ideal balance between performance and value.
Lower Startup Costs
A refreshingly low start-up cost, for customers and partners alike. Comprehensive training and certification available without the prohibitive up-front expenses.
A Partner You Can Trust
With nearly 50 years experience in critical communications systems, you can count on Teo. We’ve designed both our technology and our business processes to outperform the industry in reliability, responsiveness, and support.

Eagle Tech Corporation

“We’ve found that whatever needs we may have, whether it is marketing, sales presentations, technical assistance with installations, additional support for our end users, etc., there is always an accessible, responsive, supportive person at Teo to help.”

Eduard Lavilla  /  CEO & CTO

Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Teo Partner.