UCM User Portal Help


The Teo UCM (Unified Communications Manager) User Portal is an integral part of the Teo Unified Communications platform. It enables system users to access the powerful Teo UC capabilities from a web browser.

User Portal features

Using Help

Many items on the screen have tooltip help that appears when you hover the cursor over the item.

Click the  Help icon on any User Portal screen to view more detailed context-sensitive help.

Presence Status or Presence and Agent Status pane

View or change your current Presence status in the top pane. A text field allows entry of custom status messages.

If you are designated as an agent for one or more ACD queues, you can also view or change your agent status.

Navigation pane

The pane on the left side of the screen contains a menu of functions in the User Portal. Click an entry to show a screen of options for the selected function.

Storage Status pane

Immediately below the Navigation pane, the current disk usage for your voicemail, call recordings, and faxes are shown. The total storage space is set by your system administrator.

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