UCM Admin Portal Help


The Teo Unified Communications Manager (UCM) allows easy configuration of all elements of the Teo UC System from a web browser.

There are two primary UCM access portals for parameter configuration and status information: the Admin Portal and the User Portal.

The Admin Portal provides access to all system parameters for an administrator. Sub administrators can also be configured to allow restricted access for specific tasks within the Admin Portal. The User Portal provides access to a subset of user parameters and user call activity information for a single user extension.

Admin or User Portal access is determined by login credentials controlled by the System Super Administrator accounts.

Note – these help pages only cover the Admin Portal. User Portal help is available from within the User Portal, and on the Teo Help site.

Using Help

Many items on the screen have tooltip help that appears when you hover the cursor over the item, or on some screens, over the Tooltip Help icon Tooltip Help icon.

Click the  Help icon on any Admin Portal screen to view more detailed context-sensitive help.

Admin Portal functions are accessed from the menu at the top of the screen.

Main Menu

Many menu items have one or more submenus to access related functions.


Notedo not use built-in browser controls, such as the Back button or bookmarks, as these will navigate away from the Teo UC server and require a new login when you return.


The Dashboard shows user Presence status and overall system health at a glance. This screen is displayed when first logging in to the Admin Portal as a System Super Administrator or System Sub Administrator, and can be accessed at any time from the navigation menu.

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