Softphone for Windows Help


  1. Select Troubleshooting from the Help menu to show the Troubleshooting panel.

    A warning icon indicates a possible problem.

  2. Click one of these tabs:
    • Devices - test audio and video devices.
    • Audio - test audio quality.
    • Video - test video quality.
    • Support — logging options.

To test devices

  1. In the main Softphone panel, select Headset or Speakerphone mode.
  2. Click the Devices tab on the Troubleshooting panel.


  1. Select the microphone to use.
  2. Speak into the microphone. If Teo Softphone detects sounds, you see Your microphone works and the audio level will be displayed as a green bar.
  3. If sound from the microphone is not detected, troubleshooting hints will be shown.


  1. Select the speaker to use.
  2. Click Play. You should hear musical tones from your speakers, and the audio level will be displayed as a green bar.
  3. You can change the volume level with the slider control.
  4. If you do not hear any sound, click No sound? for troubleshooting hints.

To test audio quality

To test video quality


You can enable logging to diagnose problems. Use this option only if instructed to do so by Teo Customer Support.

  1. Click the Support tab.
  2. Set the Log Level to Verbose before reproducing your problem.
  3. When ready, click Send Log to send it to Teo Customer Support.
  4. You can click View Log to view the contents of the latest log.

    Teo Softphone displays the reference number of previous logs. You cannot view the previous logs, but the reference number could be helpful when you are talking to customer support. The customer support representative can view the previous logs and can use the reference number to find the correct log.

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