Softphone for Windows Help

Preferences – Files & Web Tabs

The Preferences panels let you control how you work with Teo Softphone.

Note – to access preferences, you must have an enabled account.

To view or change preferences

  1. Select Preferences from the Softphone menu.
  2. Click one of these options:
    • Application – general interface behavior and login setup.
    • Alerts & Sounds – control alert displays and add sounds to events.
    • Devices - select speaker, microphone, and camera devices.
    • Shortcut Keys – assign keyboard shortcuts for several frequently-used functions.
    • Audio Codecs, Video Codecs codecs are configured from the Teo UC Server. Do not change any of these settings unless instructed to do so by Teo Customer Support.
    • Directory – sets up access to a corporate directory.
    • Calls – automatic call answering options, and options for sending DTMF tones.
    • Files & Web Sites – options for recording and file transfer folders, and for custom web page tabs.
  3. When you are finished, click OK to save your changes or Cancel to abort and return to the main softphone window.