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Managing Screen Share Sessions

The Screen Share panel opens and the screen share displays in the call panel during a screen sharing session. The Screen Share panel contains a list of participants and a screen share toolbar.

People who have joined your screen share session display in the Screen Share panel with Joined beside their name. People that were invited through contacts and favorites display with Invited beside their name until they join the session. People invited by all other methods do not display Invited and only display as Joined once they accept the invitation and enter their name in the Join Session dialog.

Screen share actions are initiated by icons in the toolbar, located at the top of the Screen Share panel.

Pause Sharing icon  – pause sharing your screen
Start Sharing icon  – start sharing your screen
Stop Sharing icon  – end the screen sharing session
Select monitor icon  – select your monitor
Share icon  – invite guests to view your screen

To generate a new session ID

Sometimes you will want to share your screen with a person (for example, a customer in another organization) one time, and you may not want them to be able to join in future screen share sessions. In this case, you can generate a new session ID when you end your one-time session or before you send out your next invitation.

Note – the old session ID no longer lets people view your screen share.

  1. If your screen is being shared, click Stop Sharing icon to stop sharing.
  2. Click Share icon.
  3. In the popup dialog, click Generate ID icon.
  4. Click OK in the popup warning to proceed with generating a new ID.
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