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Your Presence Status

The Presence feature allows you to set your presence status in the Teo UC System and view the presence status of other users. Your status may be viewed by other users in the system and may be used to determine routing of calls to your extension. You can change your presence status at any device that shares your extension.

To manually change your presence status

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of your status. The list of available status options appears.
    Available icon  – Available
    Busy icon  – Busy
    Away icon  – Away
    Not Available icon  – Not available for calls
    Do Not Disturb icon  – Do not disturb
    Appear Offline icon  – Appear offline
  2. Click any status option to select it for your current presence status.

    NoteAppear Offline cannot be selected if any other device (such as your desk phone) is registered to your extension.

  3. To use custom text for the selected status, click in the Presence Status text field and enter a custom message to replace the highlighted text.
  4. Press Enter.

    Note – the message will return to the default text the next time that the presence status is changed.

    If you have multiple devices with the same extension number, your presence status can be changed from any of your devices. Your presence state will reflect the most recent change. You can also change your presence status in the Teo UCM User Portal.

Automatic idle status

If enabled in Preferences, Teo Softphone will change your status to Idle after you have not used your computer for a set amount of time. As soon as you click the mouse or keyboard, your status changes to Available. You cannot manually set Idle presence status.

Idle icon  – Idle
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