Softphone for Windows Help

Softphone Interface

Teo Softphone's interface can be configured to your liking.

The compact view is shown below. Dialpad, Contacts, Favorites, History, Screen Share, and up to three optional web tabs can be added to the interface from the View menu.

Compact View

Resource panel

Use the resource panel to navigate the various Teo Softphone functions. It is visible when one or more optional items (not detached) are enabled from the View menu. Click an icon to show the selected item in the main interface, in the space between the compact view and the resource panel. Only one item is shown at a time unless panel(s) are detached.

If you have set up any web tabs, some items may not fit in the resource panel. Click More icon to select a panel from a menu, or drag a window edge or corner to show more icons.

Resource Panel

Detached panels

The Contacts, Favorites, History, Directory, Screen Share, and web tab panels can all be detached from the on-screen phone into their own windows. The resource panel does not show icons for detached panels.




Use the View menu to change how Teo Softphone looks. In the View menu, you can show or hide which resources are on the resource panel, open the Messages window, open the Screen Share and Video panels, and set Teo Softphone to remain on top of other windows.


Use the Contacts menu to work with your contacts.


The Help menu provides support for Teo Softphone. Use the Help menu to view the online user guide, troubleshoot problems, and show version and copyright information.

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