Softphone for Windows Help

Populating Contacts

You can populate the contact list with contacts from an external source at any time by using one of the following methods.

Populating contacts by importing files

You can populate the Teo Softphone contact list by importing from an external file or files. Refer to Importing / Exporting Contacts.

Populating contacts from Microsoft® Outlook®

Two methods are available for populating the Teo Softphone contact list from your Microsoft Outlook contacts.

To use an Outlook account for populating contacts

Teo Softphone automatically creates an Outlook account if it detects Outlook on your computer.

  1. Select Account Settings from the Softphone menu.
  2. If the Outlook account is in the accounts list, select it and click Edit, otherwise click Add and select Outlook Account.
  3. Typically you have only one Outlook profile, which Teo Softphone detects. If you have multiple Outlook profiles on your computer, select the one that you want to use from the Outlook profile dropdown list.
  4. If the selected profile' data file has a password, enter it in the Profile password field.
  5. Select an Outlook telephone number field that will be used as the Softphone number.

Contacts that are pulled in from Outlook are initially placed in the Outlook contact group. These contacts can be moved to other groups – refer to Managing Contacts.

Populating contacts from an LDAP Directory or Active Directory

If your system administrator has set up an LDAP directory or Microsoft Active Directory®, the contacts from that source will automatically appear in the Directory panel once Teo Softphone is configured to connect to this directory. From that panel, you can select people and set them up as contacts. Refer to Preferences – Directory.

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