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The Contacts panel displays your contacts and lets you specify multiple contact methods for them, including:

Softphone address
Home phone number, business phone number, mobile phone number

Contacts are typically organized into groups. Teo Softphone includes built-in groups: “Family”, “Friends” and “Work”, and "Outlook" if you have populated contacts from your Microsoft® Outlook® contacts. You can add more groups as desired.

Contacts view options

Several view options can be set from the Contacts menu.

Show or hide offline contacts
Show or hide contact groups
Sort contacts by name or online (presence) status
Collapse or expand all groups

To immediately phone or IM the person

To phone the person

To send an instant message

To watch the contact’s presence status

The contact must have an extension on the Teo UC System.

Refer to Viewing Others Presence Status to subscribe to receive another user's presence.

To show the contact popup window

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