Softphone for Windows Help

Placing Calls

To place an outgoing call using the dialpad

  1. Click Dialpad button in the resource panel to optionally show the dialpad. Show Dialpad must first be enabled in the View menu.
  2. Enter the digits to dial in the Enter name or number field.
  3. Edit the dial string if needed; press the Backspace key to delete the last digit, or click Delate All icon at the right of the field to clear the entire dial string.
  4. Click Call button to dial the call.

To place an outgoing call from the Contacts, Favorites, or History list

  1. Click Contacts, Favorites, or History in the resource panel.
  2. Scroll to a contact or history item, or type a name or number in the Search field and click on the found contact.
  3. Right-click the item and click Call or Video Call to dial the call. You can also click the call icon that appears when you hover over a contact.

To place an outgoing call from Messages panel

  1. Select a conversation.
  2. At the top of the panel, click Call icon to place a voice call, or click Screen Share icon to place a video call.

To redial a call

  1. Tap the List of recent calls drop-down arrow at the right of the Enter name or number field. A list of recent calls appears.
  2. Select the number or person you want to call.

To add video to a voice call

You can add video to the voice call after the call is established.

To pause or remove video (change to audio only)

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