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Instant Messages

You can exchange instant messages (IMs) with other Teo UC System users who are in your Contacts or Favorites list. You cannot exchange IMs with non-enterprise users. The contact must have an entry in the IM address field and must have either a Teo Softphone or a Teo desk phone with video capability.

Note – make sure that IM is enabled.

To send a message

  1. Select Messages in the View menu to open the Messages panel.
  2. Click Add Conversation icon to start a new conversation, or click an existing conversation in the list.
  3. If this is a new conversation, type a name into Add recipients. As you type, Teo Softphone may display suggestions for completing the entry. Use your mouse or the Up and Down arrow keys to move through the list of suggestions. Click on the person or press Enter to select the recipient.
  4. Type your message in the Compose Message field.

    To enter a new line, press Shift+Enter

  5. Click Send Message icon or press Enter to send the message.


Sending from contacts or favorites

  1. Right-click on a contact or favorite and select Send Instant Message from the context menu. If there is more than one IM address, select the one you want to use.
  2. Compose and send the message as explained above.


Sending from an active call

  1. During an active call with another Teo UC user, click More icon in the call panel and click Send Instant Message.
  2. Compose and send the message as explained above.

To read received messages

Teo Softphone displays the number of new instant messages on the resource panel.

When you receive an IM, the Messages window or a notification appears. To control the type of notification, go to Alerts & Sounds in Preferences.

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