Softphone for Windows Help

During a Call

To use the speakerphone or a headset

To mute the microphone

To place call on hold

To place simultaneous calls

You can make up to five concurrent calls.

To place a second call, use any of the methods for placing an audio or video call when you have a call established. Teo Softphone automatically puts the first call on hold and dials the second call. A call panel is displayed for each call.

To swap between calls, click Take this call off hold on the call you want to switch to. All other calls are put on hold.

To record a call

On Demand call recording must be enabled and configured for your extension. This can be configured by your system administrator or on the Account Information screen in your UCM User Portal.

  1. Inform the other party that you will be recording the call.
  2. Dial *2 during a call to begin recording. You can also click More icon and select Start Call Recording.

    The remainder of the call will be recorded.

  3. The call recording will appear in the Call Activity Log in your UCM User Portal. If enabled, the call recording will be emailed to you.

During a video call

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