Softphone for Windows Help

Answering Calls

Teo Softphone must be running and logged into the Teo UC System to answer incoming calls. It can be running in the system tray. If Teo Softphone is not running, incoming calls may be directed to voicemail if configured in your User Portal.

When Teo Softphone is in the foreground, the call appears in the call panel in the Teo Softphone interface. When Teo Softphone is in the either the foreground or the background, you may also receive a notification for the incoming call depending on your settings.

Note – being logged in does not prevent you from taking calls to your extension number at another device, such as your mobile phone. Incoming calls will ring at all registered devices on your extension in accordance with the Call Routing rules set up in the Teo UCM User Portal.

To answer a call on the call panel

Click an action button on the call panel.

Answer button  – answer the incoming call with voice only.
Video button  – answer the incoming call and start sending my video.
Forward button  – forward this call to another person without answering.
Reject button  – decline an incoming voice or video call.

To answer notifications

You will receive Windows 10 interactive toast notifications or Windows 7 style notifications when an incoming call rings, if enabled.

Windows 10 interactive toast notifications

Click Answer, Decline, or Decline with message in the interactive toast notification. When you click Decline with message, the message you enter is sent to the caller as an IM.

Windows 7 style notifications

You can answer a call with the notification by clicking Answer incoming call, Answer incoming call and start sending my video, or Refuse incoming call.

Auto answer

You can turn on Auto Answer so the call is automatically answered by Teo Softphone after a specified period of time. Auto Answer is initially configured to answer calls after 3 seconds. Go to Softphone > Preferences > Calls to change the configuration. You can enable this feature during a call and it takes effect right away. When your call is established, Teo Softphone sends your audio only.

Call waiting

You can turn on Disable Call Waiting so active calls are not interrupted by incoming calls. You can enable this feature during a call and it will take effect right away. The calls will appear as Missed Calls in the List of recent calls. Any new incoming call rings busy (to the caller) or goes straight to voicemail.

Missed calls and voicemail

Missed calls are handled as follows:

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